Super simple beanie – New free pattern US and UK terms

This is a one size fits most adults pattern, It’s a nice snug fit on a large head, and has a little slouch on a smaller head.

I used 8ply(DK) acrylic and a size 4.5 mm hook, but if you are a tight crocheter I would recommend going up to a 5.5mm hook.


So onto the pattern: US version

Ch 4, hdc 6 into the loop. (The beanie is crocheted in a spiral, so place a stitch marker in your last stitch in each round to keep track.)

Round 1: 2 hdc in each stitch around (12 stitches)

Round 2: 2hdc in ext stitch hdc in next stitch repeat around (18)

Round 3: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 2 stitches repeat around (24)

Round 4: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 3 stitches repeat around (30)

Round 5: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 4 stitches repeat around (36)

Round 6: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 5 stitches repeat around (42)

Round 7: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 6 stitches repeat around (48)

Round 8: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 7 stitches repeat around (54)

Round 9: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 8 stitches repeat around (60)

Round 10: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 9 stitches repeat around (66)

Round 11: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 10 stitches repeat around (72)

Round 12: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 11 stitches repeat around (78)

Round 13: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 12 stitches repeat around (84)

Round 14 – 23 hdc in each stitch around

Round 24: hdc2tog hdc in next 12 repeat around (78)

Round 25 – 31 hdc in each stitch around

sc in next stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, break yarn and weave in ends.



UK version:

Ch 4 join in a loop. htr 6 into loop (The beanie is crocheted in a spiral, so place a stitch marker in your last stitch in each round to keep track.)

Round 1: 2htr in each stitch around ( 12 stitches)

Round 2: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next , repeat around (18)

Round 3: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 2 stitches, repeat around (24)

Round 4: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 3 stitches, repeat around (30)

Round 5: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 4 stitches, repeat around (36)

Round 6: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 5 stitches, repeat around (42)

Round 7: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 6 stitches, repeat around (48)

Round 8: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 7 stitches, repeat around (54)

Round 9: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 8 stitches, repeat around (60)

Round 10: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 9 stitches, repeat around (66)

Round 11: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 10 stitches, repeat around (72)

Round 12: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 11 stitches, repeat around (78)

Round 13: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 2 stitches, repeat around (84)

Round 14 – 23: htr in each stitch around

Round 24: htr2tog, htr in next 12 repeat around (78)

Round 25 – 31 htr in each stitch around

dc in next stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, break yarn and weave in ends.



Dotty about Dolly

Angela released her wonderful Sheep square pattern today to celebrate 400 likers on her facebook page Get knotted yarn craft


So as promised, here is the Ravelry link: Dotty about Dolly

Angela is planning more gorgeous squares to go with Dolly, with plans for a whole baby blanket, so keep an eye out on her facebook page and/or her ravelry pattern store for more patterns.


Happy crafting 🙂

Rock solid circle creatures cushion

So my friend Angela released an awesome solid granny pattern with no holes in the corner. It was perfect for a project that I had in mind. Soft crocheted blocks with rattles in them, in matching colours to the cardigans I recently finished for my best friends daughters birthday presents. (The mitered cardigan which I have already posted, plus an eloise baby sweater for her big sister Image


Free pattern found here: )


When Angela saw the first one that I made using this pattern, she let me know that she had another for a solid circle in a square and wondered if I would like to give it a go.

Well of course I said yes please!! And then proceeded to make another rattle block using the Rock solid circle in a square pattern found here


And then she let me know that she had made a square that turns the circle into a cute little sheep, and let me have a go at the pattern (it’s not been released yet, I’ll post a link once she does)


Well I was so inspired by her awesome sheep, that I decided to have a try at making some other little creatures and the creatures cushion was created!


Some of the squares I am stoked with, some of them not so much but the kids love it and that’s what matters 🙂

Now because I based all of the squares off of Angela’s awesome pattern, I didn’t feel that it would be right to write up the patterns for them, but I have included some basic notes on my project pages on ravelry with her permission 🙂 so please go and check them out if you would like to create some yourself Find me here on rav and while you are there, why not drop by Angela’s ravelry page and show her some love You can find her here on rav she has some gorgeous designs, with more coming soon!


Happy crafting 🙂


Mitered baby cardigan

I have been wanting to tackle clothing for a while, but it looked so daunting I have been putting it off. I spotted this pattern on ravelry and thought it looked pretty easy, and what better way to dive into garments than a baby sized cardi?

2 days later, and here it is!


The pattern calls for the stripes to continue down the sleeves, but to be honest, I got so sick of changing colours every 2 rows!!

And I am hooked! I have started crocheting another cardi for a 2 year old, from a different pattern and am madly trying to finish a shawl I have on the needles at the moment so I can attempt knitting a cardi for myself.


Happy crafting 🙂

An end to the week of wips

Whew, I got so much accomplished this week! My wip pile is much smaller and more manageable, so I have rewarded myself by starting two new projects haha!


Now onto the rest of the finished wips!



crochet love pillow, you cant see it in the picture, but the beige stripe through the heart is a crochet hook, pattern can be bought from Mommas

Back of the pillow




A top I sewed out of material from an old pair of pj pants and added crochet embellishments to. Not the best, but I am pretty happy with it for a beginner sewer!



I finally got around to sewing a lining into the rainbow bag I made for this years ravellenic games.


Ok this one was not a wip, but the face washers and sheet  it is made out of have been sitting in my linen cupboard waiting to be turned into a cushion for a while, so I got it done while I had the sewing machine pulled out.


And finally I got Miss 9’s Winter set for this year finished.


Scarf pattern can be found here


Beanie pattern can be found here




And the glove pattern I based these wrist warmers on can be found here

So that is it for now, I’m off to work on the baby cardi’s I started this week, happy crafting!




The week of the wips!

So It is wip Wednesday, and here is my current wip:


Its a butterfly scarf for Miss 9, you can find the pattern here: on ravelry . I am planning on making a matching hat and wrist warmers as well.

However, at the beginning of the week, I decided to try and get through a good portion of my wips and ufo’s, as they no longer fit in my craft cupboard anymore and are now cluttering up my clothes cupboard.

So wips finished so far this week are:

Number one, Queen sized blanket for hubby for our fourth wedding anniversary. I first tried making him a blanket in time for our wedding, but ended up frogging it. This is the fourth time and I have tried making a blanket for our bed, so I find it quite fitting that the one I finally finish is ready in time for our fourth anniversary!


you can find the pattern here: on ravelry It is a shawl pattern that calls for 4 ply yarn and a 3.25 mm hook, however I used 8 ply, and a 5.5 mm hook to make it bed sized.


Number two: A charity blanket that I started forever ago, but is now finished and ready to be sent off.


No pattern, I just alternated traditional granny squares with solid granny squares, a few rows of granny stitch for the bulk of the border, and a simple shell edging.

number 3: A c2c scarf for charity


again no pattern, I just winged it, but I believe Mikey from the crochet crowd has a youtube tutorial 🙂

Number 4, A cowl for myself


It is 10 3 row granny squares joined in a loop, and then 8 rounds of granny square stitch to one side of them.

And lastly some scrap busting squares.


Some of these were from this years ravellenic games, I just hadn’t woven in the ends yet.

And that’s it so far for this week, hoping to get some more wips dusted by the end of the week, and hoping to be able to get back to my blogging, now that this hectic full on year is finally starting to slow down a little.

Happy crafting, and I’ll leave you with a few pics of projects I have done earlier in the year 🙂


Witch blanket for one of my dear friends, pattern was a custom job from Sara over at Mommas jam pack crochet word charts (graphghans without counting squares yay!)

And a whole bunch of bunnies for Easter:






You can find the patterns for the bunnies through my ravelry page here

Some new accessories for mr 3: 



And lastly, another batch of charity squares 🙂



Long time no see

Oh my goddess, life has just been so hectic lately! My migraines have been out of control, my son has been diagnosed as autistic, (so lots of running around with appointment etc) My daughter has been unwell, and my hubby started full time work!


Unfortunately with all of this going on, I have barely had time to crochet, let alone blog about it! However that is not why you are here is it? It is to see pretty pictures, so without further ado, here is what I have been working on lately 🙂



J loved his birthday blanket!


A cowl and beanie for myself, the hat is of my own design (no pattern) and the cowl is this pattern here: with some modifications.




A pair of wrist warmers for J


A pair of wrist warmers for me.


A little bag for the beautiful K (Besties child) This one is made from 2 panels from a word chart comp that can be found here: Sarah’s word charts are fantastic! I am working on another larger one at the moment, you should check her out! 🙂


Round ripple Jacobs ladder baby blanket, made just for the joy of making it!



And this is my current major wip, a Prairie star blanket. I am also working on some christmas decorations to bust my scraps stash 🙂


Hope you are well and happy wherever you may be! Happy crafting!