Kids craft – Paper plate dream catcher

I was looking for something to keep my two year old occupied the other day, and I had a thought. While he is too young to introduce him to knitting or crocheting, he isn’t too young to have a go at some sewing!


I was considering making some sewing cards, but then remembered a pic I had seen on pintrest and off we went.


Obviously him being 2, I cut his plate, and pre punched the holes for him. Then I gave him some stickers, a large plastic needle with his choice of yarn, and off he went!



Afterwards I tied of his ends and lifted him up so he could hang it in the lounge room. He was so proud of himself! Showing it off to daddy and big sis!


You can find the original tutorial that I found on pintrest here : 4 Crazy Kings 


Rainy days

So it is bucketing down here today. We have pools and buckets out the back to catch the rain to save for the garden on hot days, and they are nearly overflowing!

Its the perfect day for staying in and crocheting, however my wrist is too sore to do so. (I really need to remember to wear my wrist brace when I crochet, cause it takes days to recover enough to be able to crochet again if I forget!)

So today’s project was re organizing the pantry, and labeling all of the flour containers that we use for other ingredients.


It was pretty simple, I just cut some scrap paper to size, got my texta on and then stuck the labels on with PVA glue.

Not water proof, but the inside can be wiped out with a damp cloth.

Happy crafting, and if you are in southern Queensland or northern NSW my thoughts are with you. Please stay safe, and hopefully the flood waters start to recede soon!

All about me

So I thought I would introduce myself, I am a stay at home mum of an 8 yr old girl and a nearly 2 yr old boy. I have been married for 2 years to a wonderful hubby, who works shift work.

I am a sufferer of Chronic daily headache/migraine. This means I am in pain most days, with a few blissful pain free days every now and then.

I also love to cook for my family, knit and crochet are my first crafty loves, but I like to dabble in other crafts as well. Distracting myself  with these things really helps me to get through the day, hence the blog name cook, craft, cope.