Kids craft Sunday – Splatter painting

It is exactly what it sounds like, splatting paint to make a picture.

You will need:

One toothbrush per colour you want (We save our old brushes)

Acrylic paint

cardboard like an old cereal box

Container to hold your paint clean old yogurt containers are great

And some paper, or what ever else you would like to decorate.

Using your card board trace and then cut out stencils in the shapes you want to use.


Mix your paint with a little water in your containers. The ratio will depend on your paint, you want it to be runny, but not too watery.

Lay your stencils over the paper then load up your toothbrush with paint. Holding the loaded toothbrush over the paper use your thumb to flick the bristles, splattering the paper with paint.

Repeat until you are happy with your picture, then carefully remove the stencils and leave your paper to dry.


We also did some with stencils that allowed the shape to be splattered and the surrounds to stay white.


And with our left over paint and 2 pieces of paper we did this:Image

But I will get back to those last 2 next week 🙂


Kids craft Sunday!

We are self confessed Christmas nuts here (except for hubby who has been nicknamed ‘scrooge’ my miss 8), and there is no such thing as too early for Christmas craft!

The kids have been wanting to paint for a while, and this year we have decided to do homemade cards and wrapping paper so today we got our potato on!

Yes our potato! This weeks kids craft is potato stamping, which is cheap, fun and looks great!

Materials needed:


A small bladed knife

acrylic paint


paper or card board


cookie cutters

food dye and a toothpick

We started with three humble dirty potatoes (you can use more or less, each potato will make 2 stamps.)


I peeled and washed my potatoes, you could always just wash your potatoes if you like.

Next I cut them in half across the middle. For most of the stamps I pressed cookie cutters into the flat surface on them and used it as a guide while I cut away the potato outside the cutter.


I cut down about 1cm so the shape is distinct, but there is still a lot of potato to grip.

My gingerbread man cookie cutter was too big, so I used a toothpick dipped in food dye to draw a gingerbread man shape, and used it as a guide while I was cutting.


(I really am not a great drawer but it got the job done)

And from there you just use them as you would regular stamps. You can either dip them into a puddle of paint and then stamp with them, or use a paint brush to paint the surface of the stamp like I did.


The kids had a ball, and I got some great printed paper to use closer to Christmas.


And envelopes for Christmas cards


We sprinkled a little gold glitter on these ones.