Handy hint #3

When washing towels, throw a half cup of bicarb soda in the washing machine when it hits the rinse cycle. It makes the towels soft and fluffy and smell fresh with out using fabric softener which is full of perfumes and chemicals.


Handy hint #1

No FO’s this Friday, but a tip for getting burnt bits off the bottom of pans.


Put pan on the stove top on high heat with about an inch of water and 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of bicarb soda. Let it boil for around ten mins, then scrub the pot. You can tip the boiling water and bicarb out then fill with cool water to scrub if you like, I like to toss a scrubbie in and use a wooden spoon or something long handled to give it a bit of a scrub while it is still boiling.