Sock madness round two.

Whew, I had no idea what I was signing up for joining the sock madness competition, but boy oh boy has it been fun!

Round two is still going, but I have completed my socks and made it through to round three yippee!


Pattern can be found here, but once again it will not be available to the public until the conclusion of sock madness 9.

I also finished my modified Alohomoras for Miss 10, we had a lot of fun getting photos of us both wearing our Alohomoras.


I can’t believe how big her feet have gotten! Maybe I shouldn’t have converted her to hand knit socks, because her feet are nearly as big  as mine, that’s a lot of knitting! To put it into perspective, here is a picture of her sock laid on top of mine. I have 10 inch long feet!!!


My castle scarf got absolutely no love this week, as I have cast on a sweater for miss 10. I am making the Oriental Lily, but reversing the variegated and solid colours, and making it sweater length rather than dress length.

I’ve decided to frog my tempting, the dark blue yarn is just not doing it for me, but I will be remaking it in cream soon hopefully.

That’s about it for me this week, the only other thing I have done is order some yummy fiber from FiberArtemis on etsy, My husband has bought me a spinning wheel for our 5th anniversary in May. (yup it’s early, but he wanted to get it while we had the money) Yay!!

I can’t wait till it arrives, Hubby is going to  help me decorate it and put it together, then I can try my hand at spinning!

Happy crafting 🙂


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