Making toys from household waste.

One of the things I love about pintrest is all of the fantastic things you can make with stuff from around the house. I grew up with my stepmother saving a lot of recyclable items for us to use for craft, and have carried on the tradition with my kids. Kids are always looking for something new and exciting, constantly needing fresh ideas and stimulation, and having them make their own toys and use their imagination rather than just buying them new toys or a new computer game is not only cost effective, but gives them a sense of satisfaction and achievement knowing they have made it themselves.

Letting go of the idea of having these items look prefect took me a little while, wouldn’t they rather have a window that looks like a window instead of a vaguely window shaped blob of paint? Nope, cause to them it is not a blob of paint, it is a window that they made themselves and to them it is perfect!

We have a tub in the craft cupboard full of pencils, textas, paint, stickers etc and a shelf or two filled with toilet rolls, cereal boxes, yogurt tubs, old wrapping paper anything that looks like it could be turned into something else, and on weekends when the kids are suffering from cabin fever, out it comes and the creating starts! 

This weekend just passed, Mr 3 wanted to go into Miss 9’s room to play with her dolls and doll house but Miss 9 is going through a no boys allowed phase with her room so out came the craft supplies.


I built the basic structure out of a cardboard box using packing tape, and hubby helped the kids “wall paper” with scrap paper so they had a nice blank canvass to decorate on.


Miss 9 donated one of her dolls, and hey presto Mr 3 has a doll and doll house that he loves to play with!

I find the more we do activities like this, the more the kids like to use their imagination and come up with ideas for toys themselves. This morning Mr 3 came to me with 2 toilet rolls and asked if we could turn them into binoculars. 1 piece of yarn, 2 toilet rolls and 3 pieces of tape later, we have a happy adventurer exploring the forest in the back yard, and it didn’t cost us a cent!



Happy Crafting 🙂



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