An end to the week of wips

Whew, I got so much accomplished this week! My wip pile is much smaller and more manageable, so I have rewarded myself by starting two new projects haha!


Now onto the rest of the finished wips!



crochet love pillow, you cant see it in the picture, but the beige stripe through the heart is a crochet hook, pattern can be bought from Mommas

Back of the pillow




A top I sewed out of material from an old pair of pj pants and added crochet embellishments to. Not the best, but I am pretty happy with it for a beginner sewer!



I finally got around to sewing a lining into the rainbow bag I made for this years ravellenic games.


Ok this one was not a wip, but the face washers and sheet  it is made out of have been sitting in my linen cupboard waiting to be turned into a cushion for a while, so I got it done while I had the sewing machine pulled out.


And finally I got Miss 9’s Winter set for this year finished.


Scarf pattern can be found here


Beanie pattern can be found here




And the glove pattern I based these wrist warmers on can be found here

So that is it for now, I’m off to work on the baby cardi’s I started this week, happy crafting!





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