Long time no see

Oh my goddess, life has just been so hectic lately! My migraines have been out of control, my son has been diagnosed as autistic, (so lots of running around with appointment etc) My daughter has been unwell, and my hubby started full time work!


Unfortunately with all of this going on, I have barely had time to crochet, let alone blog about it! However that is not why you are here is it? It is to see pretty pictures, so without further ado, here is what I have been working on lately 🙂



J loved his birthday blanket!


A cowl and beanie for myself, the hat is of my own design (no pattern) and the cowl is this pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lemon-balm-button-cowl with some modifications.




A pair of wrist warmers for J


A pair of wrist warmers for me.


A little bag for the beautiful K (Besties child) This one is made from 2 panels from a word chart comp that can be found here: http://www.mommasjampackcrochetwordcharts.com/ Sarah’s word charts are fantastic! I am working on another larger one at the moment, you should check her out! 🙂


Round ripple Jacobs ladder baby blanket, made just for the joy of making it!



And this is my current major wip, a Prairie star blanket. I am also working on some christmas decorations to bust my scraps stash 🙂


Hope you are well and happy wherever you may be! Happy crafting!



2 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. Beate says:

    I am sorry to hear about your set backs and will keep you in prayer. life is just it: Doesn’t fall in place at all times. I am still fighting with my website also.
    But your crochet is beautiful, if that is a consolation. Be blessed.

  2. Wow all that done and you say you are not doing much crochet! hate to see what you would achieve in a perfect world. Love the bag especially. Hope everything works out for you. Congrats on hubby getting full time work – more yarn yippee.

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