New Orleans red beans and rice

So I have decided to try and cook one new dish each week. I was searching for recipes and stumbled upon a whole bunch of Southern recipes, (think Kentucky fried chicken south.) Oh boyo did they look delish! So many mouthwatering dishes I want to try, it was hard to pick where to start. In the end I decided to dip my toe in the shallow end and give this recipe a try.


Now I did have to make some changes, I’m not sure if the red beans they are referring to are red kidney beans or not but that is what I used. (200 grams dried) And I used chorizo for the sausage.

And as I don’t have a slow cooker, I pre cooked the beans, and cooked everything in my big stew pot on low for  hours.


I also did not have any Creole seasoning, so I made some up using this recipe : But I halved the black pepper and only used a tsp of hot cayenne so it wasn’t too spicy for the kids.




And the verdict was….. hubby did not like it, (he doesn’t like chorizo so it was not unexpected) it was too spicy for my 8 year old, but Mr 2 and I loved it!


One thought on “New Orleans red beans and rice

  1. I love beans, i might give this a try (not big on chorizo myself, but maybe something similar…)
    Thanks 🙂

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