Kids craft – Paper plate dream catcher

I was looking for something to keep my two year old occupied the other day, and I had a thought. While he is too young to introduce him to knitting or crocheting, he isn’t too young to have a go at some sewing!


I was considering making some sewing cards, but then remembered a pic I had seen on pintrest and off we went.


Obviously him being 2, I cut his plate, and pre punched the holes for him. Then I gave him some stickers, a large plastic needle with his choice of yarn, and off he went!



Afterwards I tied of his ends and lifted him up so he could hang it in the lounge room. He was so proud of himself! Showing it off to daddy and big sis!


You can find the original tutorial that I found on pintrest here : 4 Crazy Kings 


3 thoughts on “Kids craft – Paper plate dream catcher

  1. This is amazing for such a small child, he obviously takes after you!

  2. Karisma Fine says:

    Very nice! Clever little one! I wanna come and do craft too. 😉

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