The great yarn fast

We are moving to a new town next year, and as we don’t drive we have decided to take only what we can fit in one trailer load that a friend is willing to take for us. After fitting in important expensive things like the fridge and washing machine, it has been decided that we will limit ourselves to what we can fit in one suitcase and one box each.

And there is no way that I will be able to take even a quarter of my crafting supplies in one box, so I decided that I would not buy any more crafting supplies until after we had moved and only knit/crochet from the yarn I already own.

So far I am doing well, I have swapped a few balls but no money has been spent since I bought a needle gauge thingy on the 25th of September.

However I am not allowed to buy any more until the 1st of May 2013………Counting down the days until I can buy some rainbow poems sock yarn!!!


4 thoughts on “The great yarn fast

  1. julie steele says:

    That’s so hard can you make 2 trips or get more people to help you

    • No, but that’s ok with us. We can take the biggest expenses with us, and as for the other stuff we kinda like the idea of starting over again. A lot of our furniture and stuff we have had since we were teenagers.

  2. julie steele says:

    ok all the best and new things will be nice i am slowly getting new things since my ex left us

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