Finished object – and a free pattern! (mostly) Knitted crochet hook holder.


5.5 mm knitting neddles

4.5 mm knitting needles

Dk yarn [8 ply in Australia] (You can use as many or as few  colours as you like.)

4.5 crochet hook. ( I used a 4mm hook because I crochet loosely.)

In colour A using 5.5 needles co 51 stitches.

Switch to 4.5 mm needles.

Knit  4 rows

Change colour, Each time you change colour you need to keep the second tail from each colour nice and long, as this is what you will use to sew the pockets for your hooks.

knit 4 rows

Change colour

Each 4 row stripe will hold one hook, so keep going in pattern until you have the amount of stripes you need to hold your hooks. I went with 24 so I have some spares.

Weave  in your short ends, And you piece should look like this (ws):


Dc (USsc) across the edge where your long ends are, being careful to make sure they are on the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold your case so that two thirds are resting against each other, and one third is free. Using a contrasting colour  and starting at the fold dc around the edges (US sc) crocheting the edges together where applicable.


So the section marked purple you are just crocheting along, but the section marked in pink you are dc’ing the two edges together.

Now use your long ends and sew a line between the ridges of your garter stitch, between the colours (see the pink stitches).  I used running stitch, here is a link if you are new to sewing.

Weave in your ends, and dc (USsc) across the bottom edge. Using the contrast yarn, join new yarn in the middle of the side and chain stitch aprox 20 cm. Do the same on the other side. Weave in all your remaining loose ends.

And you’re finished! You can use it folded in half to make a case like this:

Or as a hook roll, like this:


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