Uses for a crochet hook – Not crocheting

Today has been a day of house work. At the end of a long day doing dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, cooking dinner (ok making salad and pulling out a meal I made previously to defrost) conquering mount laundry etc it was time to do the dreaded vacuuming. (My most hated of all houseworks!) Into the cupboard lock the key goes. And doesn’t turn. ‘OK maybe I am turning it the wrong way’ I think to myself. Nope it wont go the other way either.

So I pull out the key, put it back in, rattle it around and still no joy. So I try the lock on the other side. Same deal, no amount of jiggling or moving the key will get it to turn. At this point I check to other lockable cupboards just in case the vacuum is in there, and they all open just fine and none of them contain said vacuum.

Back to the original cupboard I go and peer into the locks trying to figure out why this particular cupboard is foiling my attempt to have a clean house.

Then I see them. Tiny little usually tasty cheerios jammed in in such a way that I can still get the big old fashioned key in just fine, but wont let it turn. I check the other lock and find the same situation, just double the amount of cheerios. (I am sure mr 2 just figured it was hungrier!)

Never fear dear readers, for I am a mum and mum knows everything right?!? And not only that, I am a crafter and crochet hooks are good for a lot of things, not just crocheting.

Which sounds good in theory, but after 5 minutes of poking around in the lock all I had was pieces of cheerios rather than whole ones, and a slightly bent 2mm hook.

At this point I am lamenting the fact that if only the vacuum was on the OUTside of said cupboard I could use it to suck up all those broken bits of cheerio.

The hand vacuum is useless, but I give it a go anyway. (Note to self, get rid of the hand vacuum it does nothing but disappoint me, and when my son gets a hold of it the floor ends up dirtier than before.)

10 more minutes of poking, prodding and wrenching that kook around in the locks they are clear enough to get the key in and turned around and I have my vacuum! Time for a dorky victory dance around the lounge room, and the reward of realizing that mr 2 has stuffed what appears to be a whole bowlful of cheerios under the rug with out me noticing. Not to worry, I have my vacuum now!

(Events described in this post may not have actually taken 15 mins, but they sure felt that long!)


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