Merry KNitmas?

So going through our shed the other week, we discovered it was not as water proof as we thought it was and our box of Christmas decorations was ruined.

So I am planning on making the tree decorations now, and making sure they get stored somewhere a little safer this time. I came up with this little number today, however I am not quite sure what to name it.


You will need:

Approx 3 to 5 meters of green yarn, I used DK weight

Plastic ring from a milk or juice carton

2 bamboo skewers 

2 beads that will fit snugly on the fat end of the skewer (you can whittle it down a little to make it fit.)

About another meter of white yarn

And some craft glue.

Pattern is in AUS/UK Terms In US terms dc is sc.

Start by double crocheting into the milk carton ring. dc around keeping the stitches close together so the plastic doesn’t show through, join. 3dc into each dc around, join. This makes a nice little wave in the fabric. Finish off at this point, and tie a loop of yarn for hanging.

Cut 1 1/2 inches off the pointy end of the kebab sticks. Use a little glue on the ends and stick it through the beads. Now you have your knitting needles. I wove them though the fabric of the wreath, but you may like to glue them on.

Next roll your white yarn into a ball, and use the craft glue to stick it onto the wreath. Ta-da, a crocheted knitters wreath!


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