Sock madness round two.

Whew, I had no idea what I was signing up for joining the sock madness competition, but boy oh boy has it been fun!

Round two is still going, but I have completed my socks and made it through to round three yippee!


Pattern can be found here, but once again it will not be available to the public until the conclusion of sock madness 9.

I also finished my modified Alohomoras for Miss 10, we had a lot of fun getting photos of us both wearing our Alohomoras.


I can’t believe how big her feet have gotten! Maybe I shouldn’t have converted her to hand knit socks, because her feet are nearly as big  as mine, that’s a lot of knitting! To put it into perspective, here is a picture of her sock laid on top of mine. I have 10 inch long feet!!!


My castle scarf got absolutely no love this week, as I have cast on a sweater for miss 10. I am making the Oriental Lily, but reversing the variegated and solid colours, and making it sweater length rather than dress length.

I’ve decided to frog my tempting, the dark blue yarn is just not doing it for me, but I will be remaking it in cream soon hopefully.

That’s about it for me this week, the only other thing I have done is order some yummy fiber from FiberArtemis on etsy, My husband has bought me a spinning wheel for our 5th anniversary in May. (yup it’s early, but he wanted to get it while we had the money) Yay!!

I can’t wait till it arrives, Hubby is going to  help me decorate it and put it together, then I can try my hand at spinning!

Happy crafting 🙂



Gosh it has been so long since I last blogged, honestly I just didn’t have it in me. So much of the last couple of years has just felt like I’ve been drowning, or at the very least treading water.

This week though I finally feel like I have started swimming again and found myself missing my blog, so here I am 🙂

So many things have happened over the last month, Miss 10 woke up one morning (3 am) and looked after mr 4 till 8, giving my husband and I a sleep in with us waking up to coffee and breakfast made by the kids. And since then I have seen so much more of my happy girl, and a lot less of the tweeny angst and attitude that has become so common place in our household, yay!

Mr 4 has been all over the place, multiple meltdowns per day, with his violent outbursts just increasing, however after talk with his psychologist and pediatrician he was put on anti anxiety meds which have helped him so so so much it’s like a miracle!!

Last week he started pre school, just one day per week and LOVED it! So now My husband and I will have 5 hours a week to ourselves during the school term for the first time in years, what an amazing thing!

Also Mr 4 slept in his own bed all night last night for the first time ever, and I think it would have taken him a lot longer to get up the courage to do that without the meds. So while I do have this heavy feeling of guilt over medicating my Autistic child, I also feel that his quality of life since taking them is so overwhelming better than it was before, it’s worth it.

As for me, well the daily migraines are still there with no hope in sight of them ever going away but my crafting gets me through the day, and I am looking forward to adding to my repertoire this year, by learning how to spin my own yarn.

And now onto the craft.

Over Christmas I discovered the joy of knitting my own socks, and fell in love. Not long after that I discovered the sock madness 9 competition on ravelry, and signed myself up. Round one is over, resulting in this gorgeous pair of socks


Pattern can be found on ravelry here but will not be available to the public until after sock madness 9 has concluded.

I loved the pattern so much I am now making a second pair modified for Miss 10 while waiting for round 2 to start.


Other wips I’m working on include some squares for charity blankets, my prarie star blanket is hibernating at the moment, I really need to pull it out and get it finished!

Also hibernating is a tempting which I really should pull out and give some love, and being worked on every now and then is a scarf I am making myself inspired by this scarf worn by Rick Castle in season 1 episode 2.


1920570_10153079908463615_3448675839105049794_nThe colours aren’t true to the scarf he is wearing, but I had to work with the materials I had on hand, (i’m trying to work mostly from stash this year) and I am quite happy with them.

So that is all I can really think of right now, I am thinking of changing up my format this year, so I’ll see you next week with some new stuff.

Happy crafting 🙂

Super simple beanie – New free pattern US and UK terms

This is a one size fits most adults pattern, It’s a nice snug fit on a large head, and has a little slouch on a smaller head.

I used 8ply(DK) acrylic and a size 4.5 mm hook, but if you are a tight crocheter I would recommend going up to a 5.5mm hook.


So onto the pattern: US version

Ch 4, hdc 6 into the loop. (The beanie is crocheted in a spiral, so place a stitch marker in your last stitch in each round to keep track.)

Round 1: 2 hdc in each stitch around (12 stitches)

Round 2: 2hdc in ext stitch hdc in next stitch repeat around (18)

Round 3: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 2 stitches repeat around (24)

Round 4: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 3 stitches repeat around (30)

Round 5: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 4 stitches repeat around (36)

Round 6: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 5 stitches repeat around (42)

Round 7: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 6 stitches repeat around (48)

Round 8: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 7 stitches repeat around (54)

Round 9: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 8 stitches repeat around (60)

Round 10: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 9 stitches repeat around (66)

Round 11: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 10 stitches repeat around (72)

Round 12: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 11 stitches repeat around (78)

Round 13: 2hdc in next stitch, hdc in next 12 stitches repeat around (84)

Round 14 – 23 hdc in each stitch around

Round 24: hdc2tog hdc in next 12 repeat around (78)

Round 25 – 31 hdc in each stitch around

sc in next stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, break yarn and weave in ends.



UK version:

Ch 4 join in a loop. htr 6 into loop (The beanie is crocheted in a spiral, so place a stitch marker in your last stitch in each round to keep track.)

Round 1: 2htr in each stitch around ( 12 stitches)

Round 2: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next , repeat around (18)

Round 3: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 2 stitches, repeat around (24)

Round 4: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 3 stitches, repeat around (30)

Round 5: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 4 stitches, repeat around (36)

Round 6: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 5 stitches, repeat around (42)

Round 7: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 6 stitches, repeat around (48)

Round 8: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 7 stitches, repeat around (54)

Round 9: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 8 stitches, repeat around (60)

Round 10: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 9 stitches, repeat around (66)

Round 11: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 10 stitches, repeat around (72)

Round 12: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 11 stitches, repeat around (78)

Round 13: 2htr in next stitch, htr in next 2 stitches, repeat around (84)

Round 14 – 23: htr in each stitch around

Round 24: htr2tog, htr in next 12 repeat around (78)

Round 25 – 31 htr in each stitch around

dc in next stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, break yarn and weave in ends.


Dotty about Dolly

Angela released her wonderful Sheep square pattern today to celebrate 400 likers on her facebook page Get knotted yarn craft


So as promised, here is the Ravelry link: Dotty about Dolly

Angela is planning more gorgeous squares to go with Dolly, with plans for a whole baby blanket, so keep an eye out on her facebook page and/or her ravelry pattern store for more patterns.


Happy crafting 🙂

Rock solid circle creatures cushion

So my friend Angela released an awesome solid granny pattern with no holes in the corner. It was perfect for a project that I had in mind. Soft crocheted blocks with rattles in them, in matching colours to the cardigans I recently finished for my best friends daughters birthday presents. (The mitered cardigan which I have already posted, plus an eloise baby sweater for her big sister Image


Free pattern found here: )


When Angela saw the first one that I made using this pattern, she let me know that she had another for a solid circle in a square and wondered if I would like to give it a go.

Well of course I said yes please!! And then proceeded to make another rattle block using the Rock solid circle in a square pattern found here


And then she let me know that she had made a square that turns the circle into a cute little sheep, and let me have a go at the pattern (it’s not been released yet, I’ll post a link once she does)


Well I was so inspired by her awesome sheep, that I decided to have a try at making some other little creatures and the creatures cushion was created!


Some of the squares I am stoked with, some of them not so much but the kids love it and that’s what matters 🙂

Now because I based all of the squares off of Angela’s awesome pattern, I didn’t feel that it would be right to write up the patterns for them, but I have included some basic notes on my project pages on ravelry with her permission 🙂 so please go and check them out if you would like to create some yourself Find me here on rav and while you are there, why not drop by Angela’s ravelry page and show her some love You can find her here on rav she has some gorgeous designs, with more coming soon!


Happy crafting 🙂


Making toys from household waste.

One of the things I love about pintrest is all of the fantastic things you can make with stuff from around the house. I grew up with my stepmother saving a lot of recyclable items for us to use for craft, and have carried on the tradition with my kids. Kids are always looking for something new and exciting, constantly needing fresh ideas and stimulation, and having them make their own toys and use their imagination rather than just buying them new toys or a new computer game is not only cost effective, but gives them a sense of satisfaction and achievement knowing they have made it themselves.

Letting go of the idea of having these items look prefect took me a little while, wouldn’t they rather have a window that looks like a window instead of a vaguely window shaped blob of paint? Nope, cause to them it is not a blob of paint, it is a window that they made themselves and to them it is perfect!

We have a tub in the craft cupboard full of pencils, textas, paint, stickers etc and a shelf or two filled with toilet rolls, cereal boxes, yogurt tubs, old wrapping paper anything that looks like it could be turned into something else, and on weekends when the kids are suffering from cabin fever, out it comes and the creating starts! 

This weekend just passed, Mr 3 wanted to go into Miss 9’s room to play with her dolls and doll house but Miss 9 is going through a no boys allowed phase with her room so out came the craft supplies.


I built the basic structure out of a cardboard box using packing tape, and hubby helped the kids “wall paper” with scrap paper so they had a nice blank canvass to decorate on.


Miss 9 donated one of her dolls, and hey presto Mr 3 has a doll and doll house that he loves to play with!

I find the more we do activities like this, the more the kids like to use their imagination and come up with ideas for toys themselves. This morning Mr 3 came to me with 2 toilet rolls and asked if we could turn them into binoculars. 1 piece of yarn, 2 toilet rolls and 3 pieces of tape later, we have a happy adventurer exploring the forest in the back yard, and it didn’t cost us a cent!



Happy Crafting 🙂


Mitered baby cardigan

I have been wanting to tackle clothing for a while, but it looked so daunting I have been putting it off. I spotted this pattern on ravelry and thought it looked pretty easy, and what better way to dive into garments than a baby sized cardi?

2 days later, and here it is!


The pattern calls for the stripes to continue down the sleeves, but to be honest, I got so sick of changing colours every 2 rows!!

And I am hooked! I have started crocheting another cardi for a 2 year old, from a different pattern and am madly trying to finish a shawl I have on the needles at the moment so I can attempt knitting a cardi for myself.


Happy crafting 🙂